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Star Trac Natural Runner

Star Trac Natural Runner Elliptical Trainer
Star Trac
  • Star Trac Natural Runner Pros
    Durability, Stability, Smooth, Wireless HRM, Quiet, Easy to use.
  • Star Trac Natural Runner Cons
    Heavy, Takes lots of space, Fixed incline, Awkward motion feeling.

Tips & Facts

Don't evaluate an elliptical trainer by the number of programs it has - that's only one of many criteria.

Star Trac Natural Runner Review

It's always a pleasure to review a quality piece of exercise equipment. Natural Runner is the kind of elliptical trainer that makes you see what exercising is all about. An elite machine that offers so much to the user, with great marks in every characteristic it posseses.

The very first thing you will notice is the size of this machine. Natural Runner is a champion when it comes to this and it is very heavy. Those two characteristics will provide stability under heavy usage so you don't have to restrain yourself during the workout. That feeling is very important, and you won't have it on low priced elliptical trainers which waddle and shake. Stability is also conditioned by its fixed incline and lower body exercising only. It can be a problem for some people who need variety with their elliptical trainer so they might check Natural Runner Plus that has moveable armbars (Dual Action). Beside those features, Natural Runner is packed with programs, has a wireless heart rate monitor, self-contained power supply and 15 electronically controlled resistance levels. You will need some time to get used to the motion of this elliptical - it's awkward at first but you'll get the hang of it.

If you have other family members who would also like to use an elliptical trainer, you have one more reason to acquire this piece of equipment, as it has 50 user ID's, customized programs and is very durable - it can sustain weight up to 350lb. Great value for someone who can appreciate all that Natural Runner has to offer.
Star Trac Natural Runner Specifications
Resistance: Magnetic Resistance
Action: Lower Body Workout
Max User Weight: 350 lbs
HRM: Wireless
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